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World Cancer Day Spirit Award 2020 by UICC for MAHAK

MAHAK has received the World Cancer Day Spirit Award by UICC, the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), an organization with over 1100 member organizations in 170 countries.

In this video, see MAHAK’s appreciation message through the language of the campaign’s contributors and some well-known Iranian artists including Houshang Kamkar, Mohammad Ali Bahmani, Fatemeh Mo’tamed Aria and Mansour Zabetian.
Congratulations and may it so as long as it shall.

Dear Donors

Liebe Spender

October 2018

”Iranian civil society has made a global achievement and the ever-expanding family of MAHAK has proved that the capacity of Iranians’ charity and benevolence is the first in the world.” said Arasb Ahmadian, the CEO of MAHAK.

Arasb Ahmadian stated that the ever-expanding family of MAHAK, in the 27th year of its activities, has received the highest score in the 8th stage of Société Generale de Surveillance (SGS) NGO Benchmarking and added: ”SGS has announced that MAHAK has become the top scorer in the global NGO Benchmark practice with a score of 97.5% form among all the organizations which have valid certificates.”

He added: ”MAHAK voluntarily participated in the 8th stage of SGS NGO Benchmarking to adapt its performance with global standards and ensure that the public donations are utilized in the best way. 328 NGOs including 172 American organizations, 24 European organizations, 51 African organizations and 81 Asian organizations participated in this benchmarking. This is while MAHAK has been able to become the top scorer in the global NGO Benchmark practice with a score of 97.5% among the institutions which have valid certifications.”

Ahmadian highlighted that MAHAK is the first NGO in the Middle East with this achievement and added: "This standard is based on analyzing the performance of 25 outstanding NGOs by SGS and provides the framework for the best NGO management practices at an international level.”

Arasb Ahmadian stated:” The ever-expanding family of MAHAK has been supporting cancer-stricken children and their families for 27 years. As a result of the benevolence of Iranian society in all circumstances, whether good or bad, the treatment of children with cancer has not been stopped even in imposed improper conditions. Therefore, in the light of such continuous support and patronage, our children are concerned about how to live a good life in future instead of how to survive their current situation. Over the years, as a result of the constant patronage and care of the ever-expanding family of MAHAK toward children with cancer and their families thousands of children have received treatment and supportive services and over 6000 children have survived cancer. MAHAK has been able to improve its transparency and accountability to be the top scorer among 328 NGOs only due to the support of the ever-expanding family of MAHAK. This important milestone is an honor for Iranians who can put an end to sorrows with togetherness which will undoubtedly be possible with maintaining hope and being persistent to the goals.

Ahmadian said that receiving the highest rank among the NGOs based on national and international standards in each of the areas of MAHAK’s activities has been one of the main objectives of MAHAK’s vision statement and added “MAHAK is one of the few charities in Iran which has always volunteered to be audited and constantly strives for continuous advancements and improvements. Due to the same reason, it is the first organization among the ones with creditable certifications.

Iranian civil society is a model for the world, and we believe that members of the ever-expanding Family of MAHAK can acquire the highest global ranks. We congratulate this success to Iranian philanthropists and hope that we can have the lowest rates of cancer and the highest survivorship rates, which will only be possible if you stand by children with cancer and their families.”

Norouz Bazaar

Norouz Bazaar

On 21st March 2016 our forth Norouz Bazaar was held at Forum Alstertal. Unfortunately, we could not comply with all demands for tickets, due to the limited seating capacity at the location. We are trying to find a bigger space for coming events. Many thanks to all participants for their support by donations and admissions. We also thank the artists who volunteered and entertained us with their performances. The sponsors: Aspria, Burgerlich, Café Reinhardt, Konditorei Boyens, Mickelmas, Monkey, Donuts, Petit Cafe and all supporters who contributed by preparation of food or items to our buffet, enabled us to exceed last years’ donation amount and collect 7.117,- EUR.
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We wish you and your family a happy Nowruz celebration and thank you for your generous support.