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The Iranian Children’s Cancer Society (IKKH e.V.) was founded late 2009 as a charitable society in Hamburg. Distinguished members of the Iranian community in Hamburg embarked on this support project to aid children from low-income families in Iran who are afflicted by cancer. All members of IKKH’s administrative staff do this work in an honorary capacity.

We support solely the non-governmental aid society MAHAK that runs its own hospital in Tehran. MAHAK supports children afflicted by cancer and their families with the most modern medical facilities, aids the families to deal with this disease and work towards full recovery in the best of cases.

MAHAK was founded in the early nineties by a mother who had to experience for herself what it means to have one’s child diagnosed with cancer. Her own problems led her to establish a centre for children and their families who are experiencing similar situations. In 1991 the non-governmental, charitable and non-political organisation MAHAK was registered under the registration number 6567 in Iran.

Since its foundation, MAHAK has gained the public’s trust and expanded continually, so that up to date more than 20,000 children in Iran have been supported. In November 2007 MAHAK received the NGO certificate by the Société Generale de Surveillance (SGS). Thus MAHAK is the first non-governmental organisation in the Middle East to obtain this title, representing highest international standards.

For more information about MAHAK please visit their website:

:: Mahak Charity :: Society to support children suffering from cancer (